Project Description

Foodish is your encyclopedia of food Items, ingredients, glossary, photos and more. Foodish contains information about food and food ingredients. The Foodish is divided into categories like Nearby, Japanese, Italian, Thai, Chinese etc. Each category lists the related food items. These entries give a brief overview of the item and provides links to explore further.

The App contains a useful search feature where you can search for entries across all categories. Nutrition Information added.

Restaurant Finder offers a convenient way to find restaurants around you. You can search for restaurants nearby or type in an address or or zipcode.

If you are looking for restaurants, this app will find them for you. You don’t even need to type anything.

You can find restaurants nearby very easily by using the restaurants “Nearby” me or “By current location” buttons. Alternatively, you can type the name of the restaurant or the address or zipcode where you want to find food places.

You can view information about the restaurant such as opening hours, reviews, phone number and food menus.

The Restaurants “Nearby” Me feature uses your current GPS location and displays a list of restaurants, if the Restaurants Nearby Me feature does not return any results, please make sure your location services are enabled or alternatively you can type your the address in the search box.

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