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The Messenger consultants have experience in many different aspects of the development process. Because we are a custom firm, there are no limits on what projects we can undertake. It is this ability that has enabled The Messenger to accumulate experience in so many diverse areas. A few of these include:

  • Application Design, Development, and Testing (GUI, Database, etc.)
  • Web Development (Internet/Intranet).
  • Web-Enabling Applications.
  • Engineering, Scientific, and Data Collection.
  • Point-of-Sale and General Business Services Applications.
  • System Architecture and Implementation.
  • Client/Server Applications and Distributed Systems.
  • Systems Integration.
  • Platform Migrations and Code Porting.
  • Object-Oriented Design and Analysis.
  • Project Management & Consulting.
  • Process Management Automation and re-engineering.
  • Technical Documentation and Training.
  • IT Infrastructure designing, implementation and maintenance.
  • IT Management Service and Advisory Consultation.